Rotator Cuff Recovery

Are you in the Living Zone or in the Tolerance Zone?

If you are determined to be in the Living Zone - to live life as fully as possible, you will do whatever is necessary to regain your physical abilities.  Your life has been put on hold because of a rotator cuff injury.  You want to enjoy activities with family and friends without the need to accommodate your injury.  Simple things like lifting something, or someone, over your head.  This site is here to help you succeed.  It can be challenging, and a bit uncomfortable, but when you are back in the Living Zone, you will never doubt that it was all worth it.  I know!  Read my story.

Unfortunately, many of us have found ourselves living in the Tolerance Zone - tolerating our limited strength and mobility.  We've given up fighting the battle and have come to accept our current limitations as inevitable.  Perhaps we think we're too old and this slowing down is just part of the process of aging.  We can't play golf or tennis, throw children in the air, or even perform many household chores anymore because we've come to accept these limitations as permanent.  This does NOT have to be the case.  Even if you've given up in the past, there is still hope of regaining what you've lost.  This site, and the RC STRETCH, can help you.

What is the Rotator Cuff?

The shoulder is the most complicated joint of the body.  It depends on this complex structure of muscles and tendons for its remarkable range of motion.  Understand them and be able to converse with medical professionals about your problem.   More>>

Rotator Cuff Injuries

  • I hurt my shoulder - what do I do?
  • Is it a Rotator Cuff injury?
  • Do I need an operation?
  • Will I regain full use of my shoulder?
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Rotator Cuff Exercises

Both Stretching and Strengthening are essential, but what's the first priority?

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Could this be YOU?

    "I had essentially given up hope of regaining full range-of-motion in my shoulder following my rotator cuff repair surgery.  The physical therapy sessions provided through my insurance were all but exhausted.  I had a series of daily exercises to continue on my own, but had hit a wall.  I was frustrated.  By chance, I learned of Don and his RC Stretch prototype device.  Using it twice a day has dramatically improved my range of motion!  I now have renewed hope.  I can see progress in my quest to get back the normal use of my arm!  The pain has dramatically diminished and my range-of-motion is significantly improved.  It's been a long haul, but now I see light at the end of the tunnel.  Thank you, Don and RC Stretch!
 - John Hanson - Omaha, Nebraska

Inventors Story

   The damage from the skiing accident was extensive, and after the surgery and months of therapy, the professionals agreed that full recovery wasn't in the picture.  Was I going to resign myself to limited motion, or get motivated to take ownership of my own recovery?  It was clear that I had to do something.  Once I understood the concept of "muscle memory", I figured out a way to use it to achieve a complete recovery.  You can too!  Read my story>>